Founders Show

Our next show, the “Founders Show 2020” will feature the beautiful paintings of Shaul Tsemach and the vibrant photography of Stephen Spartana. The exhibition will open on January 5th from 1 to 4PM and close on January 31st.

“Urban Tales”

Our upcoming show, “Urban Tales”, recalls the distinct and various urban spaces which we inhabit and experience, the vitality, decay, vibrance and stoicism which describe this man made landscape.  The exhibition is scheduled to open October 27th and close on December 8th

“Water’s Edge”

“Marshy Creek”

Joan Hart’s “Marshy Creek” featured in the “Water’s Edge” show at InSquare Art, “I seek to capture the aliveness of the natural world through strong use of color whatever the subject: landscape, animal or human portraiture. I believe the joy of art is that it can make us feel and see in a completely new way. This is not always comfortable, but it is always exciting.”

Waters Edge

Sarah Abel DeLuca

I find the external world, just as it is, to be far more interesting than anything I could invent, perhaps because I see harmonies and repetitions of color, shape, and proportion wherever I look. My artistic goal is to understand and capture the outward appearance of my subjects (which process inevitably reveals their inner essence as well) within the structure of abstractly satisfying two-dimensional compositions.

Summer Show

“Water’s Edge”
InSquare Art’s summer show, Water’s Edge, explores this essential element as it intersects our lives. Eight artists share their visceral interpretation of nature’s life-force, examining how we yield to or are challenged by its power, beauty, mystery and sensuality.